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Öland food hikes and bicycle adventures

Visit Kalmar Öland offers cultural and culinary hike and bicycle adventures on the island of the sun and the winds – Öland.

Our food hikes och bicycle tours take you to different fascinating landscapes on the island where stories about the area’s natural and cultural history are interspersed with delicacies from the gastronomic Öland. 
The love of the locally produced food and ingredients is at the center the experience, spiced with beautiful nature, local culture and history worth remembering.

All food is locally produced and selected in collaboration with local food producers. Such as local charcuterie, seasonal vegetables, chutney, hummus on brown beans, sauerkraut, cheeses, jams, crackers and local bread on Öland wheat.

Food hikes on Öland

The Great Alvar – a gastro walk in the World heritage, southern Öland’s agricultural landscape

The walk starts in the charming garden of Capellagården. It continues along the beautiful village Vickleby street out on the world unique Great Alvar, where you will enjoy local delicacies served in the nature. During the hike, a committed guide talk about local cultural history and how one of Sweden’s most important furniture designer ended up in Öland. In May, orchids in full bloom will welcome you on the Alvar.

Walk: 2 km. Time: 2 hours.      One food stop

Walk: 4 km.   Time: 4-5 hours. Three food stops

The longer hike includes a local cheese plate with local jam, more delicacies as well as coffee or tea served with something home baked, what depends on the season. In the summer, the delicious Öland strawberries are very popular.

The Dramatic Limestone Coast

You will learn about the Öland limestone, ancient forts, the Öland Alvar, plants, the sea and fishing, the blue maiden, and about Gustav Vasa’s significance for Öland.
The food is served on the limestone cliffs and enjoyed with a view of the sea. Here you sit on the rocks and eat.

Walk: 3 km. Time 3 hours. One food stop.

Ottenby – the south cape of Öland

Ottenby, located on the very south of the island of Öland, has an exciting history. The area is rich in ancient remains. The royals still go hunting here. You will learn about Gustav Vasa’s royal estate, see the tallest lighthouse in Sweden built by Russian war prisoners. During spring and autumn, bird watchers gather at this unique place to spot migrating birds.

Walk: 4 km. Time: 4-5 hours. Two or three food stops.

Gastronomic bicycle tour with Öland flavors and wine tasting

A full day on a bicycle with a guide where you get to enjoy Öland’s delicacies, the sea and unique nature.

Starting in the town of Borgholm, we cycle along the coast up to the picturesque Bruddesta fishing cottages. During the tour, we stop to discover the island’s varied nature, cultural history and gastronomic offer. There will be a wine tasting at Wannborga Vineyard, tasted together with Öland cheeses and marmalades.

At the stone coast with a view of the sea, a plate of local charcuteries, salami, bean salad, sea buckthorn, chutney, local bread and other enjoyable things, is served.

A day trip with experiences out of the ordinary, with white camels and scenic surroundings.

Tour: 45 km Time: 6-7 hours. 4 food stops

Welcome to Öland to experience the fantastic Öland light, feel the scents and enjoy the high air and the sea.

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Our gastronomic excursions should be fun, interesting and educational, and bring a feeling of harmony and well-being.